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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)- ***

Starring Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal. Directed by Roland Emmerich.

Synopsis- Global warming triggers an ice age due to the desalinization of the oceans due to the melting of the polar ice caps. Government climatologist Adrian Hall (Dennis Quaid) alerts the gov't, who in turn alerts the rest of the world (only once it's too late, of course) of the coming disaster, and then takes off to Manhattan, which of course got the brunt of the North American piece of the storm system, to rescue his son (Jake Gyllenhaal) while everyone else flees to the safer tropical countries.

Music- Truly trite.

Acting- Jake Gyllanhaal, to his credit, is the only actor who didn't seem to take this movie seriously. And I refuse to call it a film. Dennis Quaid will never work on another A movie again, I promise. This movie was SO BAD that the entire reason I went was just to laugh. And sure enough, the whole theater was laughing constantly. It was completely worth my $10, and I might just buy it on DVD when it comes out. It's THAT funny. It is actually funnier than most of the comedies I've seen recently.

The special effects were great though, I won't lie. Of course they were gratuitous in places, like the dozens of tornadoes that shredded Los Angeles, but I particularly enjoyed the wave that overtook Manhattan. It wasn't a tidal wave- it was just a giant swell. It was a very well-done sequence.

The film was more or less plausible in its ideas (not so much in the way it was presented) until they got to the part where the storm started pulling supercooled air from the troposphere, that instantly froze people to death. Ok, I actually know what those big fancy words mean. I am not going to bore you by explaining it, but I'll just say that "supercooled", by definition, does not mean "wicked cold". I've never even heard of such a misuse of science on behalf of entertainment.

I especially enjoyed the way that the absurd instant freezing was indicated pictorally by white crusty ice climbing up buildings and people like vines, and the crackling sound effect they insisted on putting in, just to drive the point home. And also I particularly enjoyed the way that as long as the people stayed slightly AHEAD of the freezing in the building (it was chasing them), they were unaffected, when in fact, we all know that nothing can freeze that fast, but even if it could, the air would have gotten to them already, assuming as we are meant to, that the air can make you freeze instantly also.

This movie just has so many scientific and common sense errors that it's absolutely asinine in every way. That's why you should go see it.

Oh yeah, and they blatantly put a "we need to be careful of global warming" moral at the end of the film during a speech by the vice president-turned-president (the real president instantly froze to death).

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