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Pollock (2000) - ***

Starring Ed Harris. Directed by Ed Harris.

Synopsis- A biography (not documentary) of the abstract painter Jackson Pollock, in all his floozy-fuckin' and booze-drinkin' glory.

Music- Well. I had some problems with it. The theme reminds me EXACTLY of the theme from another movie... I want to say the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair. The piece played at the beginning. Not the Nina Simone song, but some original thing. It's repeated a few times throughout the Thomas Crown Affair. I think that's what this reminds me of. But at any rate it annoyed me because it has an irreverent air to it, and makes light of the seriously dark nature of Jackson Pollock and his truly fucked up life.

Acting- The acting was really good. Not amazing, but really good. Ed Harris overplayed a little bit, but then again Pollock was kind of an exaggerated guy even in life. His highs were high and his lows were very low. So I guess it was fair enough.

The thing I didn't like was that they made Pollock out to be this predictable guy with a drinking problem and a penchant for loose women on the side. They didn't bring into focus any of his conflicts, any of his past, or really anything at all. He was a totally one-dimensional character, which was actually kind of offensive, because Jackson Pollock was a really complex person. So I wasn't really satisfied with his portrayal here.

Although one thing I really did like is that Ed Harris actually painted a lot of this stuff. I mean you see him painting it on film, but it's actually his own work. Turns out he's an abstract artist somewhat in the vein of Pollock, but more Pollock's earlier Picasso-influenced work, it seems. But he taught himself the drip thing and when you see him doing it in the movie, he's actually doing it. I thought that was great.

Also for all the boring cinematography in the movie, there was this one scene where he's standing there recalling a letter from his ex, and the deep focus lens changes to a shallow focus, but it's really subtle and bizarre. I liked that.

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