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Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2005) - *****

Starring Martin Short, John Michael Higgins, Jan Hooks. Directed by Vadim Jean.

Synopsis - Ignoramus film critic Jiminy Glick attends the Toronto Film Festival and subsequently becomes wrapped up in a murder.

Music - I wasn't paying attention.

Acting - In order to give this movie the positive review that it deserves, you have to understand three things. First of all, Martin Short is a pompous, arrogant man who thinks he can (and indeed, he can) get away with absolutely anything he wants. Secondly, this isn’t a serious movie with a serious plot, it’s an attempt to get as many racial epithets, general insults, jokes, and Hollywood pot-shots crammed into 90 minutes as is logistically possible. It is, with all of its celebrity cameos, a chance for Hollywood to make fun of itself. And it succeeds with flying colors. Thirdly, if you haven’t seen the show (Prime Time Glick, which airs on Comedy Central), you won’t get this movie at all.

That being said, this is one of the most quotable, gut-busting movies I’ve seen recently. Martin Short, much to my glee, does a double role. Not only is he the fat, sweaty, politically incorrect celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick, but he also dons a fake chin and plays the skinny, sweaty, anxious and morose director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Fire Walk With Me, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart), parodied to the best of Martin Short’s SNL-style ability. A Lynch-y scene opens the movie, complete with his mysterious, nonsensical voice-over (you won’t understand until he pops up 15 minutes later), and closes it as well. There is no real reason for his presence- it’s just something to take a shot at. Most likely Short has some personal or artistic beef with Lynch. A Lynch fan myself, I loved every minute of his parody, but those who are unfamiliar with Lynch and his work might be annoyed and confused.

Those of you who do watch the show will be glad to finally see the infamous Dixie Peach Glick, perfectly cast as Jan Hooks, as well as their twin boys Matthew and Modine (insert bellowing laughter here), played by two portly actors in their early teens who are absolutely identical but not related, as I discovered in the credits. There are movie references all over the place, left and right, the most obvious but least delightful being The Shining, the least obvious and most delightful being the frequent winks in the direction of Lynch. And I get as much delight out of the chosen names of those twins as I do out of almost anything else.

By far my favorite part of the movie, though, is John Michael Higgins as Andre, the assistant to Miranda Coolidge. He speaks with a fake pseudo-Russian accent and says things that make absolutely no sense, such as, “Everybody here, many celebrities with false asses, you know. They have come here, they make their movies, terrible movies! But this movie is great. They make movies that is like a kitten that has made a picture of its ass in the mud.” I almost feel bad for Martin Short, being showed up in such a huge way by a supporting actor, but alas, it is so. This guy stole it. He alone makes this movie worth a repeat viewing.

Some of the celebrity cameos were excellent. Short’s modus operandi as far as Glick is concerned is and always has been to act insane and put celebrities on the spot, hopefully making them somewhat squirmy and uncomfortable, and of course improvising pretty much everything aside from the base questions, and that’s what he did here. He got people like Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Kline to engage in awkward conversations. Sutherland stammered for a minute about being Canadian, after Glick demanded, “What’s that all about?” and Kline picked a fight when Glick told him it was okay if the only two movies he’d done were Sophie’s Choice and Dave (Dave being nothing to be proud of), and that after all, some people have only done ONE movie. Kline’s flinty response was that if Glick didn’t know his work, he should go home and look it up, because he doesn’t recite his resume at such high-profile functions, or ever, for that matter. Cedric the Entertainer actually played another character obviously modeled after himself, and “got angry” when Glick announced his presence as Cedric the Entertainer

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